English Conversation For Beginners – Lesson 27 – I went shopping

Learn English Conversation For Beginners (100 Lessons).

Lesson 27 – I went shopping .

Tom : Sarah, what did you do today?

Sarah : I went shopping.

Tom : Did you buy anything?

Sarah : Yes, I bought a few things.

Tom : What did you buy?

Sarah : I bought this coat. Do you like it?

Tom : Yeah, I like it a lot. It’s very pretty. Where did you buy it?

Sarah : At the mall on 5th street.

Tom : Was it expensive?

Sarah : No, it wasn’t expensive. It was on sale for 20 dollars.

Tom : That’s cheap.

Sarah : I know. It was a really good deal.

Tom : I don’t think you’ll need to wear it for a while. It’s been really hot lately.

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