Learn English By Listening – Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 17

Learn English By Listening – Crazy English 365 Sentences Day 17.

295. There is a call for you.
296. There is no doubt about it.
297. There is not hing I can do.
298. There’s a possibility.
299. These things happen all the time.
300. This soup tastes great.
301. Time is money.
302. Tomorrow never comes.
303. Two heads are better than one.
304. We are in the same boat.
305. We can get by.
306. We can work it out.
307. We have a lot in common.
308. We’ll see.
309. What a coincidence!
310. What a shame!
311. What are you up to?
312. What are you talking a bout?
313. What are your plans for the weekend?

▶ Crazy English 365 full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdq-40WUUsg&list=PLTyvAtj9OYb0T_E_JAMnbQRIXEhcjoI52

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